Thursday, 6 March 2014

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Fancy Multiple File Upload using Ajax, Jquery and PHP

                File upload is a very important utility for website to communication of source codes, examples, demos, and file to the between users and website user can easily transfer data via file upload from source to destination on the internet market.



                  in this post i have exaplained that how to upload file without page refresh using ajax,jquery and mysql database. This tutorials helps to you upload easy file upload without page refresh and powerful multiple file upload application with an option to remove file from the list see below example and you can free to download full source code by clicking download button.

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  1. How I can download this code? Thanks

    1. Dear RZK,
      you can download complate example from below link is our official website so now get more information and help visit our official website.

  2. how can i submit uploaded file name to mysqli database,help

  3. i want insert to database but i don't know create code pla help me

  4. How to insert image title field in this uploader? Please help

  5. Great Information sir.
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