Friday, 7 February 2014

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how to upload video on flickr using php example


     you can upload video on flickr easily follow some steps.

1. go to
2. login with flickr userid and password.
3. go to this link :
4. click on "Request an API Key" link
5. than click on  'APPLY FOR A NON-COMMERCIAL KEY' button fill data and click on submit button.
6. here you can get your key and secrete.
7. than click on your app you have created. and click edit link to set your callbackurl.
8. now set in below code key and secrete with video or photo path, title and description and upload photos and videos on flickr using php.

if you have any query than you can contact on

           $consumer_key = 'CONSUMER KEY';  
           $consumer_secret = 'CONSUMER SECRETE';  
           $vname = 'PHOTOS OR VIDEOS PATH';  
           $vtitle = 'TITLE OF THE PHOTOS OR VIDEOS';  
           $vdescription = 'DESCRIPTION';  
           $flickr = new phpFlickr($consumer_key,$consumer_secret, true);  
           if(empty($_GET['frob'])) {  
           else {  
           $resu = $flickr->sync_upload($vname, $vtitle, $vdescription, 'david walsh, php, mootools, dojo, javascript, css');  
           echo "<pre>"; print_r($resu);  


  1. how to get phpFlickr-3.1/phpFlickr.php ?
    failed to open error