Wednesday, 29 May 2013

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how to upload video on Dailymotion using php

           you can easily upload video on site without login dailymotion website using php. the follow the given step to upload video from your website to dailymotion website and also access it into your website.

Download complate source code and live demo that how to upload video on dailymotion using php please visit our official website


  1. how to upload video on Dailymotion using php

  2. i am running the above code but i am getting the below error please help me:
    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'DailymotionTransportException' with message 'error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion/dm_ca_chain_bundle.crt CApath: none ' in C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion\Dailymotion.php:850 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion\Dailymotion.php(708): Dailymotion->httpRequest('https://api.dai...', Array, NULL, NULL, Array, true) #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion\Dailymotion.php(572): Dailymotion->oauthTokenRequest(Array) #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion\Dailymotion.php(385): Dailymotion->getAccessToken() #3 C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion\Dailymotion.php(337): Dailymotion->call('GET /file/uploa...', Array) #4 C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion\Dailymotion.php(312): Dailymotion->get('/file/upload') #5 C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion\index.php(12): Dailymotion->uploadFile('1.mp4') #6 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\video\api\dailymotion\Dailymotion.php on line 850

    1. Dear

      please visit our website to get latest code and also this script will not work in localhost its only work on server

  3. Thanks for quick response,i upload the files in server and run but it's giving Uncaught exception 'DailymotionAuthException' with message 'Invalid credentials.' please give me suggestion to move forward

  4. Hi bodar, i am getting error

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'DailymotionAuthRequiredException' in /home2/taqi786/public_html/ Stack trace: #0 /home2/taqi786/public_html/ Dailymotion->getAccessToken() #1 /home2/taqi786/public_html/ Dailymotion->call('GET /file/uploa...', Array) #2 /home2/taqi786/public_html/ Dailymotion->get('/file/upload') #3 /home2/taqi786/public_html/ Dailymotion->uploadFile(NULL) #4 {main} thrown in /home2/taqi786/public_html/ on line 412

    1. Dear ,

      and check your dailymotion id password,key and also secrete.

  5. Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 1, in
    File "", line 264, in get
    return, params=params)
    File "", line 277, in call
    access_token = self.get_access_token()
    File "", line 205, in get_access_token
    if self._grant_type == None:
    File "", line 186, in oauth_token_request
    raise DailymotionAuthError(result.get('error_description',''))
    dailymotion.DailymotionAuthError: Invalid credentials.

  6. Dear Bodar,

    Above given link is not working,Please let me know, how can i get this code.

    Waiting foe your earliest reply.

    Thank You